GDPR Consent on Landingpage

Hello, how can I insert a popup on my landingpage which obtain consent to GDPR?

You’d have to implement something like a popup on your own website. popups are not offered in the LP builder. Why wouldn’t you just use the checkbox method most use?

if I understand the checkbox method correctly, it only works after the optin. I want a facebook pixel as soon as I enter the page. For this I need the permission of the website visitor. Is there a solution for this?

So it seems you’re describing to everyone what you believe you need as apposed to detailing what you’re trying to accomplish. So I’m giving you my best answer based on what you have shared but what I also don’t know, and then you’re returning to what you’ve convinced yourself you need to do.

Assume you don’t have any solution yet and DETAIL what you are needing to actually do, whithout describing what it is you believe is involved in doing it.