Exclude contacts from a list based on country?

I’m sending a weekly newsletter. Some people are receiving it that live in countries we don’t ship to. I’m going to update the newsletter to specify that items sold are shipped to the United States only, but is there a way I can filter my contact lists to remove/exclude non-USA residents?

If you have their addresses, you can run a filter for people only in the US.
If you don’t have their addresses, you can manually go through and search for people with email addresses that may end in foreign country URLs (like Yahoo.com.uk, etc.)

If they have a straight @gmail.com address, and you have no other info to segment, then it is nearly, if not, impossible.



That sounds like what I want. Since we ship physical products we have addresses for our subscribers.

I assume that when I go to send my next newsletter, I would run a new search that had the pertinent tag for that newsletter’s content, and then choose Shipping Country Contains All and select “United States” and that would exclude all other countries?

That would do it … or “shipping country does not contain” and then choose US … either way