Email Notifications Sent from Saved Searches or Reports

I have a daily email notification sent to myself from a Save Search. I was trying to modify the email settings and discovered there is no place to manage email notifications that are scheduled or set by me. So, I just went back into the saved search, selected options, selected email saved search, and reset my settings, thinking this would override my prior email settings and schedule. Now I am getting two reports. How can I fix this?

Hi Audra,

I recommend you first speak to the online Chat Support to see if they can help or tell you if it is a known issue.

If you are getting two reports, have you accidentally got two saved searches of the report running?

For a fallback measure, make e a note of the Saved Search Criteria, then delete the search and recreate it again.

I spoke to chat and it took about 30 minutes for them to even understand what I was asking - they kept showing me how to set up a saved report and then schedule an email. According to them there is no way to manage scheduled emails for search - which stinks. You can’t even see on the save search or report if you have an email report scheduled. I figured the only way was probably to delete the search and re-set up. Not ideal but hopefully it will work.


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Did this work for you?