Editing Email Templates

I created an email for a campaign, saved it as a template, then continued on in the campaign to use the template in a few other series.

However, there was a type-o in the template. How do I find where my templates are housed so I can edit the original copy?

I found, under the drop down menu, “Marketing” > “Templates” which gives a big list of templates saved there. But when I search for my template name it doesn’t come up. In fact, a bunch of my email templates aren’t there.
I can still choose the templates when building out the email element in a campaign, but I can’t edit the original template.

How do I do this?

The templates are in the Campaign and Broadcast area

Also, just as FYI, changing the template will not change the emails where you have used them - it will only change the template (be sure to save it again and delete the old one that had the typo).


Ah! Ok! That makes sense. Thanks, Jeff.

And yes, I figured as much. I have been editing the emails I plugged into the campaign. Glad you covered this base, though. Easy oversight to make…I’ve done this before many times. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: