Currency information in transactions API

I want to know why are we not getting any currency information in the API? when i fetch all transactions, the currency attribute is coming in as null. i am talking about this API endpoint:

@TomScott can answer on that one, but if no reply then you need to raise a Developer Support Ticket - Create a Support Ticket - Keap Developer Portal.

Keap does not have Multi Currency support, so whatever Transaction you query on, it will always be the same currency for that Account.

For a workaround solution, you can use the Retrieve Application Configuration API call to get the Currency.
You would need to read the “ecommerce - currency” setting.

Otherwise, if that does not work, you can fallback to the XML-RPC API Retrieve Application Setting instead.

Example call from the Legacy iSDK.

$result = $app->dsGetSetting('Order', 'currency');

Hope that helps.

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The value of the currency attribute on a Transaction is retrieved from the MerchantAccount that added that record; in some cases there will be no MerchantAccount associated and thus no value, such as when a check is processed manually or a transaction is recorded by hand after the fact.

Pav is correct that each client stores a record indicating the “native” currency of the application however, and that is the value that we use for configuring transactions.

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