Create Order VIA API to Allow Tax

I am able to create orders via the API however, it’s not adding the state tax which I have set in Infusionsoft.
I was told by someone that “allow_tax”: true, would only work when creating subscriptions. I want to make a product order that is not a subscription. How do I allow tax on API orders that aren’t subscriptions.

Thanks in advance.

I would also love to know how to do this. This is a critical issue for us!

@TomScott or any other Keap API devs?

Regarding your query about tax being added automatically via the API - this can be done by adding a tax line item (ItemType: 2 on the OrderItem table) and setting the value upon creation. You should be using the tax amount presented to your customer through your storefront or point of sale, as to make sure the correct/expected amount is being charged. If you are not collecting these orders through a storefront, you will want to have something built into your integration to calculate the tax amounts during the integration step before the data is passed to Infusionsoft/Keap via the API.