Contact view fields

A big focus for us is building automation for telephone sales departments and customized contact (see screenshot)

views for individual reps is really important so they can view appropriate data points relating to each contact. However, we struggle with the apparent fact that we need to build each set of contact views individually. Does anyone know if Keap developers are working on a way of saving contact view panels. I see it as essential for an enterprise build. Say, you have 100 reps in a company… its a lot of work building individual contact field views and updating them!

All feedback would be most welcome!

If you’re talking enterprise builds then you’re outside of keap’s intended deomographics. Keap is intended for and specifically designed for small to medium businesses. That’s their target so I doubt it’s as feature that is even on the planning board. You can, however, submit feature requests at

Thanks John, Yes. I see the app is contact centric. It’s a shame because even a small business can have half a dozen sales reps and it’s really hard to manage a proper effort with the limitations it has. I’ll explore customization Keap.

Hi Terry,

Another solution would be to use a Web Browser Extension that could manipulate the page contents via Javascript. Although this is more of an Advanced solution as it will need to be scripted by a Developer and configured for the particular Web Address as well. If you need additional things to be done, then it would get more complicated.

An example Chrome Extension.

Keap are not going to be introducing anything to what you need. So you need to find alternatives which are very limited when in comes to changing the page layouts.