Clicking on a contact in search will bring up the contact's company page instead

Many contacts appear to be duplicated when searched but when clicking the link, one brings you to the company page, and the other brings you to the contact. If I try to use the “merge duplicate contacts” tool It merges the contact INTO the company page which seems to eliminate any attached notes and filebox files.

If I merge the two duplicates, when I search for the contact the remaining contact will pop up in search but when clicking the link it’ll take you to the company page, not the contact’s page. Our salesmen rely on the notes and filebox to keep records of customer correspondence. It’s counter productive when this affect so many contacts. How do I prevent this from happening?

I also have narrowed it down somewhat. I think it tends to happen when a contact and a company share the same email address in the email address field. However it also seems to happen at random.