Changing The Date a Tag Was Applied

Does anyone know of a way to change the date of when a tag was applied? Part of the way I track certain items is by the date a tag was applied. From time to time a contact will be put into a campaign late or I find a sequence that had an error and I need to adjust the date of the tag. I don’t think this can be done within Infusionsoft, but does anyone know of an outside app or program that may have the ability to do this? Thank you.


I second this! Would be super useful!! Anyone??

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I worked to find an answer on this for quite some time. Tech support says there isn’t an option to make this type of change. When I spoke with other software providers that work with Infusionsoft they told me there isn’t an API for that function. I’m hoping this option is added to Infusionsoft in the future.

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