Cannot create company with state shortcodes through the API


We’ve noticed since 2019 there is a double standard for IFS API interactions that does not apply to user interactions.

You’ll notice that I can type random nonsense into the state field, and that’s great. Really, it’s just a string field; therefore there’s no enforcement of type etc. But if I were to do the same thing through the REST API, you’ll notice that my request gets rejected! Even if I use a valid state/province shortcode the API will say it is invalid.

Okay, so we came up with a really clever solution for this where we lookup the full name of the state from a table and then use THAT in our POST/PATCH request. This was working fine but then I realized, InfusionSoft provides a form for users to search multiple states by shortcode only

Can you explain this to me? Is there a way I can use the XML-RPC API to post state shortcodes?