Can you copy data from one field to another?

Hi there

Does anyone know if it’s possible to automatically copy data from one field to another?

What I am trying to do is create the ability to search on Street Address 2.

If I can create a custom field that’s a copy of Street Address 2, I will be able to search on it.

But I need to automatically copy the data from Street Address 2 into the custom field.

Any advice would be most appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, Charles

There is no way to do that dynamically.

You would need to use a tool like the Set Field tool from PlusThis or use a system like Make (formerly Integromat).


Hi @Charles_Cuninghame, I think the question here is, why do you need to copy the Street Address 2 field into a Custom Field?

The Address fields are available in the Merge Fields and API.

Because I want to be able to search on Street Address 2. This is the best work-around I can think of.

My mistake, I thought the Street Address 2 field was present, but it is not.
I see the Address search field does not search the second address field, which you would thought it would.

Here is another solution, but I would say it is not great if you got a large amount of data.

In Contacts, create a New Search with the “Misc. Criteria” - “Data Exists” field set to “Street Address 2” - “Has a value”. In the “Columns” section add the “Street Address 2”.

When you run the Search you will have a list of Contacts that have the Street Address 2 field set.
If you set the number of Results Per Page to 500, then you have a big list to search in.
You use the Search feature in the Browser. Although, it will become tedious if you have 1000s of records.

Another alternative, would be to Export the Results to a CSV to do a Search in there instead.

If that is not ideal, then you will have to go with an external solution like Jeff said.

PS: Don’t expect Keap to add in that field in, it has been that way for many years.

Thanks Pav!