Can you apply conditional logic to internal forms?

We want to create an internal form that uses conditional logic to determine the next fields within the form. If yes, then this set of fields appears. If no, then this set of fields appears.

I realize we can easily do this with external forms zapped into Keap, but we’d like to try to use the internal form so that it’s being mapped to specific fields within the contact’s account instead of saving it as a file to their profile.

Is this possible? I’m not able to locate how to do that within the builder itself. Thanks so much!

No, there isn’t any logic or mechanism to do this…they’re really just very simple forms. Most would create a conditional form in WP and connect/integrate it with their app in cases like this.

Hi John,

Thank you for letting me know! I appreciate it. We’ll look into creating a form in WP and using Zapier or something to connect it to the Keap account. Quick question though, will information map over to fields within the contact’s Keap account? Or, will the form move over as a document that saves to the contact’s file? I’m curious about how they integrate.

Thanks so much!