Can I search for a contact by their phone number with the REST API?

I would like to be able to search for a contact by phone number. Our system is heavily focused in being able to search by a phone number. Right now I only see given_name, email, family_name as search criteria.

Thank you!

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Yes, it can but using the SDK (not REST). The SDK has a table search method you can query on the phone1 field in the Contact table for.

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We don’t index the phone numbers of Contacts directly yet, so if you wanted to provide search for this in a responsive manner to your clients I would suggest caching a lookup table on your end with the contact id and phone number (remembering that each Contact can have multiple), then using a Resthook to keep it in sync with updates to the Contacts.

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@John_Borelli @TomScott How can our developer access the SDK?

Look at the links/icons under libraries on this page: Developer Guide - Keap Developer Portal