Campaign merge field errors (links to Wikipedia 404 page)

Customers have emailed us to say the links in one of our campaign emails are broken.

Here’s an example:

It should go to our Saboteur Assessment results, but instead goes to Wikipedia’s page on 404 errors.

For each contact, the custom field value is correctly populated with a working link.

Infusionsoft chat has not been able to identify the problem. There is no similar issue in Known Issues.

Has anyone encountered this issue?

Looks like it’s a recurrence of this issue:

### Links with URL’s containing merge fields are resulting in a HTTP 404 Wikipedia page when clicked.

Campaign Builder

Last Updated: 04/02/2019

Issue Number: 1586140

Date Reported:

Monday, April 1st, 2019 11:37am MST We have identified the root cause and implemented a fix for these errors. --------- Monday, April 1st, 2019 10:50am MST When you receive an email from Infusionsoft (broadcast or campaign) with a link that directs to a URL that includes merge field information in it, the HTTP 404 Wikipedia page is appearing instead of the intended destination. This was first identified 3/29/19 at 6:41pm AZ time. Our developers have determined the cause of this issue, and it should be resolved in around 1 hour.

Alternative Solution:
None at this time.


This is a real mess :’(

I am having the same issue.

Any updates on this?

Yes me too all my tracking links are getting 404 page error

Me too

I am having the same issue. No one answering the phone support and their 24/7 support chat is unavailable.

Unbelievable Keap!

There are a number of reports of this issue returning (they currently show it as resolved). So anyone experiencing this submit a ticket and reference the issue number 1586140 so they can open up investigating it again.