Campaign emails are not delivering... Please help! 🤪


I have already spoken to Keap Support on the phone and it wasn’t really clear exactly where the issue is. I was told it’s something to do with the API firing too soon / not fast enough.

On my website I have set up a form, that when submitted, should result in an automated email delivered to their inbox.

What I am finding is that these emails (on some occasions) are not arriving. When I go into the campaign, I can see that the contacts status is “Queued”.

The form data gets passed to Zapier, which then creates the new contact in Keap and applies the tag “PDF Download Requested”. This then triggers the campaign sequence.

After the last call, I added a 1 minute delay between the sequence trigger (tag being applied) and the email being sent out. This seemed to fix the issue. However, another potential customer has requested both downloads available on the website (two separate campaign sequences, both with the 1 minute delay) and neither have delivered.

I have now updated this to 3 minutes which is far from ideal (and currently untested). I am failing to understand what exactly is not working. Zapier is passing the information through without issue, the “Download Requested” tags are being applied correctly… Why are contacts getting stuck in the queue - sometimes?

And how is it that they are moving through the sequence and having the tag “PDF Download Delivered” applied to them - but the email hasn’t sent???

Here is an overview of the campaign sequence.

Here is the inside of “Send PDF Download”. The 3 tag removals at the start are incase the same user requests the download again - refreshing the process.

The final tag applied is “PDF Download Delivered” - and this is being applied to contacts who are “queued”! Which makes no logical sense, as the email is not being sent!

Many thanks to anyone who can shine a light on this issue…