Best way to handle Property Manager/Owner accounts

Happy New Year!

I wanted to get some thoughts from everyone regarding how you do or would handle this situation.

Being in the Contracting business, our primary Client base is residential but we do have a handful of Property Managers/Owners with multiple locations.

How would you go about putting this information in IS?

Right now - I’m a bit embarrassed to say that when we first started using InfusionSoft, we just added a new Contract Record for each address - For example:

Glover - 123 Main Street
Glover - 657 East Street

So, this just became our Policy and I know it’s not the right way to do it. Surely there is a way?

This could turn into an expensive issue if I don’t handle it now - When we send Direct Mail for example, we’d only want the ONE Property Owner to get it (And obviously the name to not show the address). Right now, I make a mental note to Tag them to suppress the mailing.

Same with any campaign emails…

As I get more comfortable with the system - My first thought is to update the address information within the Order???

And yes, it’s true - I am not using Name Merge Fields because of a handful of property owners…SMH

Thanks in advance!

Hi Cindy:

I would set up the property manager as a ‘company’ and for all properties that fall under their umbrella, assign the contact to their company. That way you know that it isn’t simply residential, but part of a contractor/property manager’s portfolio. Then, create 3 tags (residential, property owner, contractor) and apply to theindicisual contacts based on what they are. When doing mailings, only mail to ‘residential’ and then mail to all ‘companies’ - that way you are only hitting each entity once.

Hope that helps.


We do not use Companies either…

So I’ll have to respond as intellectually as I can…



Also, where I’d mentioned adding the address to the Order itself - that wouldn’t work?

Using ‘companies’ is a way to group the things together. Inside of a company you can have as many ‘employees’ as you want.
I was suggesting that your contractor was the ‘company’ and all of the properties that they manage are their ‘employees’.

The other way to do it is to create custom fields for “Associated Contractor” and just complete those fields for any/all contacts that are managed by a contractor, then you could sort/run reports based on which contractors are assigned to which contacts.


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I get it!!!

Using Companies sounds like the best way to handle this.

I’m weary with the custom fields for reporting purposes…Again, training issue on my part but let me “play” around with using Companies first…I’m not sure how to “attach” employees inside a company (well, in the case it would be property)

Even though it makes perfect sense as you’ve outlined it - Let me give it a shot!

Create a company and add yourself to it.
Click on the company name and you will go to the Company page.

On Contacts, you can click ‘add contact’ and you can add people to the company.


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