Applying Vat to an order


I’m using the REST API,
I create an order with /order and then issue a payment with /orders/{orderId}/payments. Everything works fine, but I need VAT to appear in the invoice. How can I interact with it?
The product I add to the order is taxable for the customer country.

Any idea of how to do this?


If you have the taxes configured within the application, then you likely want to use the XmlRpc method to generate/recalculate the taxes

Note that while in many applications the orderId and invoiceId tied to the order are identical, but that is not necessarily always true. You can find the relation of the two on the Invoice table (linked below). OrderId within the database is known as JobId
Invoice table

Thanks for the answer.
Is there a way to do that with the REST API??

Probably the key is: Is there any way to specify the type of an item created for an order in the REST API?

There is not currently a way to do this via Rest. The e-commerce areas of the application have not had the V2 endpoints built yet, but this is something we will definitely be adding.