Adding duplicate companies with same name but different city/region/country via REST API

Hello all,

Is it possible (via REST API only) to add duplicate companies? I can’t find any info in the REST docs for setting some sort of duplication method when creating a company, and it does not appear to update a company either if i POST and add more data for a company with same name. I know this is possible via manually adding the companies through the normal web site methods.

Any help would be very much appreciated!

The rest endpoint will prevent creation of a new company with a duplicate name. However, the update company endpoint will allow you to update a company to that of a duplicate name. If your desired outcome is to have multiple company records with identical names but different other information, you could create the new company with a unique name and then update it back to the original company name.

Create company with name “Test Co”
Create company with name “Test Co (Chicago)”
Update company “Test Co (Chicago)” back to “Test Co”.

Thank you Justin. Will test that method asap.