Adding A Chat Service to My Website

I’m trying to add a chat service to my website and in order to integrate it with Infusionsoft, they have asked me the following questions:

I will also need the following information for the integration with Infusionsoft

  1. End Point URL (Url through which our system can communicate with your CRM)
  2. Post Method (Get or POST)?
  3. Content Type (Url-encoded or JSON)?
  4. Api fields name.

I’ve tried to find the information with Keap’s customer service chat, but they directed me to this community.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help!


I actually got this same question internal from support so hopefully you got the answers you need, but I will drop an answer here as well for future people asking something similar.

So in general we have 2 different API

  • XML/RPC (Legacy)
  • REST (Preferred and where all current development is happening)

Please check out our developer site to read through the docs to get answers to answers to your questions. The docs have the list of endpoints, which HTTP Methods to use, etc. Also read through the Getting Started guide which will show you how to authenticate, some thing to be aware of like throttling, etc.

If you have any questions after reading through the docs and Getting Started Guide, drop a question here in the Community and there are many helpful members (as well as some Keap engineers).