A way to ignore/not request a body when using post, patch, put or delete requests

Recently I worked on a project where I have to edit 1 field on 900 contacts, sending the patch request is simple but node (what I using) waits until all the promises are fulfilled and I received a response body with the updated contact. I am not using await or waiting for the promise to be completed in general on the code, but the node process is hanging until all promises are fulfilled, another thing that I see is that sometimes it throws a Soundcloud error (iirc), telling me to wait 30 seconds. I want the process to be over as soon as possible and waiting for all the requests to receive a body normally takes more than 10 minutes, which is too long because I plan to run this as an scheduled task on azure.

Ignoring the responses does nothing to impact the time the server takes to respond. What you are asking for is a completely asynchronous API that responds to every request with a 202 (Accepted) and does not wait to render a positive or negative response.

That kind of API is not something we provide and is generally rare regardless, although we are looking at batching solutions that may provide that benefit in the future.

I know it is rare because sometimes you want to do something with the info that you updated, so the need for a detailed response is common. What I ended up doing was using a small timer before every request so that the server doesn’t think that I am doing a DDOS or something, similar and after completing all requests I just killed the process. The problem with that approach is that in case something goes wrong you have no way of knowing what happened. A fallback that I use is also creating a CSV File with the required information and importing that. It would be great if you add an end point that gives you the ability to do a batch updated, or the ability to import a CSV file.