400 Error: Filter 'email@domain.com' is invalid

Hi Guys,

I am getting an issue calling a GET request on the contacts endpoint via REST v2: /rest/v2/contacts

When I perform my request I am getting a 400 error

Example request: https://api.infusionsoft.com/crm/rest/v2/contacts?filter=email@domain.com

{"status":400,"data":{"code":400,"message":"Filter 'email@domain.com' is invalid","status":"Bad Request","details":[{"domain":"Contacts","resource":"GET /rest/v2/contacts"}]}}

Im using OAuth and its working fine for creating users, updating users, it’s just the filtering which is causing me an issue.

The filter parameter is formatted as: ?filter=field_name==value except URLs are encoded so it would appear as ?filter=field_name%3D%3Dvalue

Multiple filters can be applied, and are separated by an encoded semicolon (%3B):

Unencoded Url encoded Description
field_name==value field_name%3D%3Dvalue Return results where the field is an exact match
contact_ids==1,2,3,4 contact_ids%3D%3D1%2C2%2C3%2C4 Return results matching any of the provided values
field_a==value;field_b==value field_a%3D%3Dvalue%3Bfield_b%3D%3Dvalue Multiple filters may be applied. Separate filters with a semicolon.

Available Filter Fields

Field name Description Data type Length Unencoded example Encoded example Public
contact_ids Filter for contacts matching any of the given values string contact_ids==1,2,3,4 contact_ids%3D%3D1%2C2%2C3%2C4 Yes
email Matches any of the Email1, Email2, or Email3 fields string email==test@example.com email%3D%3Dtest%40example.com Yes
end_update_time Ending point for LastUpdated dateTime end_update_time==2020-06-16T16:18:17.000Z end_update_time%3D%3D2020-06-16T16%3A18%3A17.000Z Yes
family_name Last name family_name==brown family_name%3D%3Dbrown Yes
given_name First name given_name==charlie given_name%3D%3Dcharlie Yes
start_update_time Starting point for LastUpdated dateTime start_update_time==1999-06-16T16:18:17.000Z start_update_time%3D%3D1999-06-16T16%3A18%3A17.000Z%3B Yes
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Amazing Thank you @JustinGourley

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