2 questions - how can i make A/B Testing for Campaign? What is the best practice to send flow?

Hey friends
I have 2 questions that I would appreciate your help with:

  1. I would like to create within Sequence that I have an email with A/B Testing which means, at a certain point, 50%/50% of emails will be sent from the same group of subscribers, and that way I can understand what works better for me.
  2. What is the best way to build large automation?
    I have very complex automation with lots of steps and a bunch of Sequences inside. I’m starting to lose control of this a bit and I’m wondering if I should split all this automation into different campaigns for each stage. what do you think?

Hi @Ori_Levi , without 3rd party tools such as PlusThis - split testing emails inside a campaign is tricky.

What you end up ding is have 2 sequences, and then decision diamonding off ‘something’ that allows you to split your list in half - without knowing how large your database it, it is hard to suggest the easiest way of doing it - though exporting and reimporting half with a tag is one way to do it.

The second question is really interesting. There is no real ‘harm’ in having a large campaign, but I tend to build modularly and had contacts between modules. This way I can have multiple modules pulled by different processes as needed.

Hope that helps

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